If you need to ensure a maximum yield during the mashing process or want to reduce energy usage per bushel, we have your solution. Replace your heat exchangers and spargers with a product that will improve your product quality, ensure consistency and production efficiency.

Hydro-Thermal’s patented heating solution mixes steam and process liquids completely while delivering precise, consistent temperature and instantaneous heating. For more information on our advanced direct steam injection technology, click here.

Jetcooker for the ethanol industry

Hydro-Thermal’s history of Hydroheater / Jetcooker innovation

Hydro-Thermal takes great pride in its history of product innovation and industry expertise.

Over the past decade, Hydro-Thermal has installed approximately 330 Hydroheaters, also known as a Jetcooker, in ethanol facilities in 19 countries around the world. 

Our staff has presented ethanol solutions at a variety of venues including regional ethanol maintenance and plant manager meetings, All India Distillers Association (AIDA), and the Fuel Ethanol Workshop (FEW).  To further our knowledge, we have begun collaborating with an industry consultant who has nearly 15 years of experience in plant management. Our own staff is also expanding their knowledge by completing the 2015 Alcohol School at Lallemand in Montreal.

Our engineering staff consists of 15 brilliant minds that span a variety of specialties including fluid, electrical, mechanical and design engineers. They have formed strategic research partnerships with our customers, leading Midwestern universities, research associations and independent R&D engineering firms, to constantly evolve our products and inspire new product development.

Direct steam injection heating utilizing the Jetcooker/Hydroheater

No matter what your application, Hydro-Thermal’s heating solutions will assure you savings energy costs, maintenance down-time, and more. 

Our Industrial Hydroheater or EZ Heater is ideal when a plant is looking for a reliable, consistent solution that is able to help increase profitability.

Our most popular heating applications include:

LIQUEFACTION/SLURRY MASH HEATING Achieve the highest possible ethanol yield in either dry or wet milling operations. Click here to learn more:

Heating the corn mash in the Hydroheater (also called the Jetcooker) is the first step to opening the starch molecules so the enzymes can break it down into sugar. Maintaining a constant pressure drop across the JetCooker will optimize shear, mixing characteristics, and overall performance efficiency. Adjustments can be made to maintain the optimal pressure drop during operation even as process conditions change. This is done by adjusting the size of the gap between the combining tube and nozzle.

DEPRESSURIZATION VAPOR CONDENSER SYSTEM (DVCS) Our solution not only decreases the Btu load required by a boiler via recycling depressurization vapors, but also reduces cooling tower load for a more favorable water balance. Click here to learn more:

Experience a one to two year return on your investment with Hydro-Thermal’s Depressurization Vapor Condenser System. An ethanol producer can achieve significant energy savings by reducing the amount of flow through the vaporizer. In addition, the system reduces water usage resulting in a more favorable ratio of water used to ethanol produced.

SLURRY TANK HEATING Hydro-Thermal’s solution reduces viscosity and minimizes the denaturing of the enzymes. Click here to learn more:

A Hydroheater is used in the recirculation line and pulls from the coldest part of the slurry tank. The liquid is then re-circulated back to the slurry tank causing instantaneous mixing resulting in no hot spots. Hydro-Thermal provides all work and materials necessary in this application, a turnkey solution with many benefits to boast. If you could like additional information on slurry tank heating, click here.

CORN SYRUP PRODUCTION Using the Industrial Hydroheater prior to centrifuge eliminates residue build-up and reduces viscosity allowing for proper separation of corn oil from corn syrup.

CELLULOSIC PROCESS TECHNOLOGY Hydro-Thermal understands the importance of additional profit and revenue streams. Therefore, the Hydroheater/Jetcooker can be used to produce cellulosic ethanol. A bolt on process is used while pulling a slip stream from product that is already being produced at a standard ethanol facility.Click here to learn more:

Utilizing the Jetcooker has many benefits including precise and accurate temperature control, increasing ethanol yield and corn oil production, as well as reducing energy costs. Discover new revenue streams and get the benefits of a D3 tax credit RINs by utilizing the Hydroheater to make cellulosic ethanol at your facility.

CELLULOSIC PRETREATMENT Our heaters sufficiently hydrolyzes and opens up the structure of lignin-based biomass feedstocks to allow efficient and effective enzyme hydrolysis of the hemicellulosic sugars. Click here to learn more:

Our product's straight-through patented design is ideal for thick slurries and high fiber content common to a wide variety of biomass feedstocks. Depending on the pretreatment process, Hydro-Thermal's solution can be designed and constructed around specific process conditions, such as high temperature, low pH and high pressures.

REVERSE OSMOSIS (RO) Hydro-Thermal can heat RO inlet water or heat membrane back flush water while achieving precise temperature control and eliminating wasted energy. Click here to learn more:

RO filters are designed for a given water temperature. As water cools, it thickens and the RO capacity decreases. For every 1ºF below design temperature, a RO can lose up to 3% of capacity. A Hydroheater can keep the inlet water temperature at ±1ºF of the set point so the RO can operate at the designed capacity without wasting energy over heating the water.

Similar to above, if the back flush water is heated to the designed temperature, they can optimize the amount of water used and ensure that the membranes are properly cleaned.

CLEAN IN PLACE (CIP) Easily heats a one to three CIP tank system on demand. Click here to learn more:

Proper cleaning and sanitation is an important safety concern for you and your customers. Hydro-Thermal’s solution allows you to clean equipment at the optimal temperature in one pass. It also allows you the flexibility to easily switch from tempered water to hot flush temperatures due to our technology’s internal modulation.

TANK HEATING Easily and efficiently heats tanks on in-feed or in recirc mode, trim heat. Click here to learn more:

We can heat the fluid going into the tank; re-circulate the tank to maintain a specific temperature, or leave the tank cold and heat the liquid exiting the tank, producing hot water on demand. Many customers see a return on investment (ROI) in less than three months.

Want to see how our heating solutions can benefit you?  Click here to get a free analysis. 

Additional information on Hydro-Thermal’s direct steam injection technology

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